Our technology ensures you’ll never be lost in the jungle.

How it Works

CityLeaf’s proprietary cloud software gives us the power monitor, schedule, invoice, track and maintain each and every plant across every customer location. It’s revolutionary green technology that puts you in control and allows our team to put their green thumbs to work where it counts — making your office a happier, healthier and more productive place to work.


Enjoy ultimate transparency and accountability across even the largest plant programs


Inventory your green assets with total accuracy, by floor, building or campus


Track change orders, run cost center reports and budget reqs


Expect responsive service that pinpoints problems and makes the most of your time


Knock yourself out with 24/7 cloud-based access and availability

Get Complete Online
Inventories in Real Time

As each plant is placed, changed or moved in your facility, it’s recorded in our online inventory system so you can see every bromeliad backed up in the cloud.

Track Your Plant
Program by Cost Center

Other plant services can quickly leave you wondering, “How much green is all this greenery costing me?” And if you want an inventory, you’d better be prepared to wait.

Expect Premium Customer Service

CityLeaf’s process has been developed and refined over decades, and we take pride in the way our real-life humans work seamlessly with our technology for a seamless customer experience

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