A natural evolution.

John Hauser was a plant guy with a horticultural degree from Cal Poly — well, actually he was a plant guy turned software engineer turned plant guy again. Born out of the frustration he had while working with another plant company, he built an incredible plant management software platform from the ground up. So to speak.

Jeff Small was the charismatic sales guy with a keen eye for design. It turned out he was also skilled at growing great customer relationships. Together, they founded CityLeaf and over the next 16 years built the best plant company in the Bay Area.

Enter Rich Bronstein, a passionate entrepreneur in search of a new business to grow. When he met CityLeaf’s dynamic duo in 2016, it was meant to be. The founders had wanted to step back and enter a new phase, and Rich had the vision — and the green business thumb — to take CityLeaf forward.

Come grow with us as we
create CityLeaf 2.0.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the way in growing healthier, happier and more productive people — through plants!

Our Values

We’re in the people business — not the plant business. That’s why “Plants Grow People” is our mantra.


Build trust and be accountable to our clients and our teammates


Be willing with a can-do attitude


Continual learning and personal growth mindset


Results matter


Respect for all individuals


Be humble


Don’t lose sight of having FUN!

The Plant Exchange is a Bay-Area based community organization that encourages resource sharing, reuse and recycling. We are a resource for the horticulture industry by giving a second life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. Our beautification initiative includes the Giving Green program which provides plants to local non-profits at no cost. CityLeaf is a big supporter of ours by providing us with hundreds of plants that we are able to re-home every year. Our annual free Plant Exchange event brings over 1000 community members together to share plants, advice, equipment, materials and supplies – all for free.